Appliance Repair king Franchising

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Under the directorship of its founder Mark De Agrella, Appliance Repair king Franchising Africa has been around since 1994 and ready to Expand.
As a well-established Company, We have now reached a level of maturity that allows us to become an incubator for smaller businesses.
With this objective in mind we have identified potential opportunities which we believe will not only benefit you, but also provide a wide spectrum of tradesmen who have dreamt of owning their own small businesses.
The challenge to create sustainable small businesses, for tradesmen in particular, and the opportunities available by being part of a brand resulted in the establishment of the Appliance Repair king.

The concept under the spotlight

Generally speaking artisans are practical people who like to get the job done; marketing and administration are not tasks they necessarily want to do. Appliance Repair King gives tradesmen the opportunity to become a franchisee operating under the banner of a known brand with the added benefit of excellent administrative and technical support. With The Head Office managing the marketing and administrative aspects of the business (Advertising and Job Distribution), the franchisee can focus on the job at hand and build this allows each party to do what they are best at.
Basically you will run under our Banner and receive clients from us in your area outside you existing Clients you acquired on your own.

Consider your support

Appliance Repair king Head office provides administrative services and assumes responsibility for the National Call Centre as well as managing the systems used to facilitate job dispatching.
The franchisor also drives marketing initiatives online while the franchisees will be responsible for executing the localised marketing plan within their area of operation.
With the aim of equipping franchisees with the skills to become business owners, continuous training is provided.

Do you fit the profile?

While this opportunity is aimed primarily at tradesmen and a trade qualification is preferred, artisans with adequate experience will also be considered. Applicants will be thoroughly assessed based on their trade skills, aptitude to become business owners, customer service approach and other criteria.
You do not need to start big to make it big
Skilled business men with a little training on the ins and outs of the business can easily become successful by employing the right staff to do the job.
So truth be told almost anyone can fit the Profile and we will show you how to do it

What Will this Cost you?

The Cost depends on you really, you can start up really small but must be Presentable and professional.
We charge a Startup fee this includes the tanning, registration, and Listing under our Banner.

Option 1:

  • 10% on all distributed jobs that have been completed after expenses
  • R25 fee on all Call outs .
  • R13500 P/Year for the continued franchise Benefits.
  • R120000 Startup fee includes the tanning, registration, and Listing under our Banner.
  • We will advertise for you and send you Leads from our Advertising and Job Distribution department.

Option 2:

  • R2500 P/M Franchise fee
  • No fees on all Call outs .
  • No Monthly fees
  • R13500 P/Year for the continued franchise Benefits.
  • R125000.00 Startup fee includes the tanning, registration, and Listing under our Banner.
  • Clients will call you direct from our Online Advertising and Website.

Call: 072 571 7390  or drop us a mail