ARK SAFE Self Repair Introduction
Allot of reading here but its worth it.

Over the past years we have heard many things and listened to many clients’ complaints and concerns about service they have experienced. ARK SAFE has setup a new concept providing you total piece of mind when it comes to having your items repaired. This is how it works:

  • Knowing what’s the problem
    We listen to you complaint about the appliance and will tell you exactly what’s wrong with it and how much it should cost you for spares.
    Our Members can call us directly or use whats-app. 

  • Do not get ripped off
    We will tell you what spares are needed where to get them and what price you should pay for them.
    We will tell you What the Repair Man should be charging for labour.
    This way you know what’s it going to cost you.
    The perfect way to tell if the service man is being truthful and not over charging you. 

  • Use ARK for your Repairs
    We can assist you in any of your listed appliance Repairs.
    Now you will know what spares cost and will know what’s wrong.
    The best part is we will beat any Written Valid Quote for members not taking the 12 month membership.
    When a Repair Man has quoted you you can call us to see if his price is Just or we will just beat his Quote.
    Members that take the Yearly Option will not pay any labour you will only pay for Transport (R4 p/km) and parts, Yes Free Repairs. 

  • Membership Details
    We have 2 types of memberships being  6 and 12 months.
    During this time you can benefit from all the above  relevant perks for any appliance you specify.
    Receive Assistance with Your Fridge, Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, Stove, Oven and Microwave 24 / 7
    Find out what has gone wrong.
    Get a Possible Resolution Free (things the repairman dare not say).
    Find out what Spares are needed and what they cost (if any).
    Eliminate call outs.
    Have your Item repaired at the lowest cost.
    Guarantee of a Valid Quote Beating (We will beat any valid written Quote).
    No labour Charges for Members. 

  • Why do you need this service?
    Most companies charge a call out fee from R250 to R600 and then they haven’t even fixed anything yet.
    These companies will have to charge more because of large overheads and salaries.
    You need the best, fastest service done at a fair honest rate; this is where we come in.
    Allot of companies will look down on this Great Offer as they will lose money on small faults.
    In most cases appliances have 90% small cheap faults that the Repair man won’t tell you.
    With this membership you can find those good honest companies that are not out to make a fast buck at your expense and you will know what companies not to use.
    As a member you can warn other members to not use a company that tried to rip you off.
    This is worthwhile having its going to save you money on all your appliances for that time period.
    You can Save allot of money with unnecessary call-outs and overcharging.
    You will be amazed at how simple and cheap most Appliances Repairs can be.
    Think about it , If you pay someone a call out and his quote is too high then you will lose that call out money and still need to find someone else.
    You can now call a repair Man and know what the problem is and what it should cost saving you the call out and time.
    This is how the ARK SAFE concept protects and services you.
    This is almost the same as Paying for Insurance and medical aid. 

  • Repair it yourself
    some members may try to repair the item themselves this is common and mostly go by trial and error.
    We can assist Members with the correct guidance to prevent further damage or harming yourself. 

  • What’s the Membership Cost?
    The ARKWIZE 6 month membership is R1500. (includes all the above perks except free labour).
    The ARKWIZE 12 month membership is R2500 / Year (includes all perks + Free labour).
    The ARKWIZE is only available in Durban and its 50k radius until we expand more. 

  • What’s Next?
    All you have to do is Join ARKWIZE and Spread the word.
    Contact us for more info on 072 571 7390 or Whats-app us on the same number.