Stove Repairs Durban

We do all makes and models of Stove repairs Durban gas and Electric
Things you should do before calling us :

  1. Check that the Stove isolater is switched on this is normally on the wall close to the stove
  2. Check the DB box and see if the “Stove” switch is up (some need to be put off then on again)
  3. If you smell any burning wire or plastic switch off at the wall isolater switch
  4. if its a Gas Stove and not sparking check the plug and cable for damages normally under the hob
  5. if its a Gas stove check if the gas valve is turned on

If this is all checked then call us on 0725717390 or save money Become a ARK SAFE member read moreā€¦

We also repair

Fridges, Microwaves, Washing Machines, Dryers and Industrial Appliance around Durban.
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